Powder coating

Highly Effective Powder Coating Services

When you need metal surfaces to look great as well as remain functionally stable, powder coating is the perfect option. Turn to CRM for excellent powder coating services. This coating is great for automotive components as well.

You can choose from matte, glossy, textured, and smooth powder coating options. We also have a variety of finishes and colors available.

A Long-Lasting Coating Option

During powder coating, a dry, powdered paint is applied to the metal part. The item is then baked so that the powder particles melt and form a durable and uniform coating of color. 

Cracking, chipping, or peeling is virtually unheard of in powder coated products. In fact, powder coating is known to last a lifetime when maintained well!
Powder coating
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Powder coating can greatly benefit any metal surface. Rely on us for exceptional powder coating services.

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