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CRM was founded as a division of Trylon Corporation in 1984. The business plan focused on producing high-quality products in minimal time. After serving the automotive industry for more than 2 decades, CRM's primary objective is to provide value and build trust in its quality and integrity. Contact us today!
Metal coating

Various Coating and Finishing Services

CRM initially began with a small dip line to finish automotive stampings. The company expanded its range of services as the business grew. 

In 1987, CRM installed its first powder system, and a state-of-the-art E-Coat system was added in 1998 for the growing and diverse customer base. 

Since that time, CRM has offered several new services, including two new powder coating systems, a vibratory finishing system, and an internal transportation system.

Here's Why You Should Choose Us

CRM has a lot of long-term repeat customers. Just-in-time production and delivery and the capability to provide one-stop shopping for industrial finishing services are the major reasons why our customers come back to us.

CRM works on Lean manufacturing principles and has earned an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our skilled staff closely monitors and certifies all quality process controls to ensure that the CRM commitment to quality is fulfilled.
Metal coating
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